Our Research & Reports - ExperiencE

Pegasus Global has developed and published a number of research and reports on Procurement and Supply.

The following are key efforts by Pegasus Global:

Supplier Self-Measurements and Risk Evaluation (SMRE)
Supplier Self-Measurement and Risk Evaluation Program.
(Note: this self-measurement and evaluation program consists of 1600 quantitative evaluation criteria - see the PDF files below :

  1. Introduction to SMRE
  2. Scope of Performance Modules
  3. Module 10: Procurement evaluations  

This was developed to help buyers' quantitatively evaluate suppliers and as a benchmark for rating supplier's responses to RFPs.)


Pegasus Global has developed and conducted a number of significant propriety benchmarking efforts for our clients – and updates and maintains those research documents.

  • Global Procurement Best Practices of the US, Europe, and Japan. (available upon request).

  • Procurement and Supply Best Practices of the Global Petro-Chemical Industries - (available upon request).

  • Procurement Practices of US Hospital, Telephone Companies, Field Service Organizations, and Retail Banking  (published by the Council of Supply Chain Management titled: Logistics in Service Industries)

  •  Surveys of Costs and Operations of US Indirect Materials Distributors and Providers.- (available upon request).

For additional information, please contact Jack Barry at jackbarry@pegasusglobal.com