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Challenge questions for “C” level executives:

Do your external purchases of materials and services represent over 40% of sales revenue? The reality is over 40% of your value added, quality, and market advantages are based on your supply base.

Is global commerce and sources of supply an increasing percentage of your business positioning? The impact is the  risks/rewards and the complexities of doing business have also increased dramatically.

Have you made substantial investments to insure the skills levels of your supply personnel are able to meet these challenges? The objective is the skills levels of your Supply Chain personnel must match these challenges to secure and sustain critical sources of supply and relationships.

Are you confident of your current and future skill sets?


Pegasus Global can provide an integrated procurement, finance, and supply chain innovative & realistic solutions. 

Our Approach program has two major components: Facilitated Learning and Practical Simulation. :

Facilitated Learning:

  • Establishes a common baseline of knowledge and understanding of key principals.

  • Identifies industry practice examples of best practice and applications

  • Level sets the teams in functional knowledge for the simulation

  • Provide templates and methodologies to future utilization.

  • Facilitates a collaborative learning experience.

(see list of 30 representative courses on the Educational page)

Practical Simulation:

  • Use Information to make Fact-based Decisions.

  • Balance Supply and Demand.

  • Know your Markets and Customers.

  • Optimize Profitable Volume versus Market Share.

  • Manage the whole Supply Chain versus Functional Optimization.

  • Work as an effective Team.


Pegasus Global can add value in two ways:

Consulting Services

Providing procurement, finance, and supply chain innovative & realistic solutions

Educational Services

Providing procurement, finance, and supply chain learning solutions and applications