Consulting Services

Providing procurement, finance, and supply chain innovative & realistic solutions

Pegasus Global has been successful in assignments for multi-divisional companies with both centralized and decentralized structures in a wide variety of manufacturing and service sector industries. 

We have helped optimize Supply Chain and Procurement across divisional, organizational, and subsidiary organizations, without the added burden of increased centralized administration and control.  

As a result, these companies were able to consolidate requirements, thereby gaining knowledge and process advantage, and lowering transaction costs while increasing service levels.  At the same time, this consolidation yielded higher internal customer satisfaction, reduced cycle time, improved financial control and lower administrative costs. Finally, we have seen additional gains made when companies segment Supply Chain and Procurement management, adopting segment-specific strategies and tactics supported by the right kinds of people and resources.

Our Supply Chain and Procurement practice professionals have been industry leaders in promoting the critical importance and contribution Supply Chain and Procurement can and must make to the company's overall profitability.

Pegasus Global is the natural outgrowth of our clients’ desire for intelligent, results-oriented consulting and the Pegasus commitment to deliver it.