Global Learning Portal

One of the major challenges facing organizations is how to effectively manage all of their learning assets and their learners’ experiences on a global basis.

A learning portal is a gateway to all of an organizations learning assets and processes. Its primary purpose is to facilitate and support the learning experience. In its simplest form, a learning portal is a store-front where learners can discover or be assigned content from a wide variety of sources. These include internal and external training courses and events, books, white papers, research reports and blogs.

The key functions of a world class learning portal include:

  • Provide a single point of access to all of an organizations learning assets and processes globally.
  • Present individualized training paths to learners based on job roles and skill levels.
  • Track each learner’s progress and completion of learning assets.
  • Provide a system to help administer and manage the learning process.
  • Recognize the learning achievements of individual learners.  

Pegasus Global designs and builds global learning portals for clients. Dwight Dowdell, our Chief Operating Officer, is one of the inventors of the world’s leading online training portal, U.S. patent 7300287 entitled “Learning system and related methods particularly suitable for an organization's supply chain”.