Optimizing Your Supply Chain Program

Pegasus Global has a supply chain program titled Optimizing Your Supply Chain that builds skills and knowledge in optimizing the profitability of a company’s supply chain. It consists of two components that are integrated together to provide a single complete learning experience.

The first component is nine facilitated learning sessions. These sessions can be based on one of our three “predefined” curricula:  1) Sourcing and Procurement Management, 2) Logistics and Inventory Management, or 3) Integrated Supply Chain. Or we can customize the sessions to meet your needs.

The second component is a team-based dynamic simulation of a supply chain using an online Supply Chain Management Simulation tool. The simulation gives students hands-on experience in managing the entire supply chain versus just one functional area. The goal is for students to optimize the total supply chain value based on knowing customers and markets while balancing supply and demand. Since 1999, this supply chain simulation has been used by over 60,000 participants in 76 countries.

Dwight Dowdell, Chief Operating Officer of Pegasus, was one of the founders and the content architect of the simulation tool.